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Originally posted by Shadowen
Interesting info. :-) When, how, and why did Hands On Software/Kracker Jax leave the C= market? Surely, if they left because the C64 market had died they could have continued on with Amiga product development? The last Amiga development I know of from Bob Mills was the update release of Maverick V5.01 on 12/8/92, which was still in the Amiga heydey and well before Commodore's bankruptcy. Did he release anything after that date?

Anyway, I would love to get my hands on any of the Kracker Jax books/software published for C64, but especially the books which have long been out of print.
Well it was a business move, not so much when CBM went under in 94 but we could see the writing on the wall. The C64/Amiga sales were tumbling then, not just the Maverick software and hardware but the entire line of software. See Hands On Software ran a mail ourder business, Software Support International, which sold C64/128/Amiga/PC software and hardware. Also a local retail shop was opened too, this mainly dealt with PC software and hardware as that is where the money was I tried resisting it for a couple of years but in 94, I too fell victim to the PC black hole, at least in the states it was

Sorry to say this was all because Hands On Software couldn't make enough to justify keeping development going and to keep the Kracker Jax team paid. So the owner thought it best to just sell what was left of the stock and to migrate to the PC side of things, which at this time was being in-undated by "shitware" CD-ROM titles, but I tell you, we couldn't keep half of the titles in stock. PC users with their brand new 2x Multimedia system wanted every freakin title. I'm afraid that nothing is about doing it for the love of the product, it has to make money or baa by

Yes the last release of Maverick for the Amiga was about then, sorry to say that it was more of a maintenence release to fix a few bugs in the utilities and the parameters.

As for the books, I'd have to dig around for them, but I think it's best you check out eBay or even some places like that still has both some Amiga and C64 stuff to sell. Perhaps they would come across something like this.
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