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Okay, the first reference to "direct ROM jumping" refers to some of the early EA titles. This is one(?) of the reasons why some versions of them (the earlier ones obviously) only work on KS 1.2 and/or with specific memory configurations.

As for the second one - that prize goes to Cardiaxx - that game has BRILLIANT copy protection - technically speaking. It is just a shame they did not put as much effort into the game itself!

But no, they do not have specific names afaik. In fact, most of the protections we find at CAPS probably have names - we just don't know them! Hence why we usually call protections something ourselves - just to refer to it. This is usually after the publisher, or something else for example:

ReadySoft (main)
ReadySoft (old) - 1st Dragon's Lair only?
Rainbird (non CCITT)
CopyLock (old version)
CopyLock (newer version)

Or whatever. I suppose if there is some identifier in the protection that obviously refers to it - we might use that or something...
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