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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Yes, with over 2k titles it is already hard to know how many games from boundle, or in example link above, I already own.

I can just imagine how hard is with 14.5k.
Indeed, I end up looking at my Steam library and then searching on a site like Bundlestars and comparing that way.

How I end up purchasing any bundles now is to compare the items in the current bundle along with the pricing, then look at how many dupes there are and then find only the ones I don't already own.

I then look at the pricing for each of the missing items on Steam and add them up and divide by the amount of items to get an average price each.

If it works out which it does sometimes, then i purchase the bundle and then post the items here for others to grab.

It's really hit or miss for me due to the size of my current library of course
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