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Originally Posted by geldo79 View Post
That also works for me now. But now that the clipping of the bobs work properly, I wonder if this would also work for sprites. I know that i don't have to clip sprites. But what i mean is: If i decide to have a info screen at the bottom, which does not belong to the playfield, i could clip my bobs now so that they don't enter that area. But my sprites will still do. How can i tell the sprites to also clip at that position?
Apart from the method Ross used, there is a 'cheat' of sorts here as well. I use the following:
  • Draw the top and/or bottom status panel using colour 1 as background instead of colour 0
  • Draw the game play area using colour 0 as background colour as normal
  • Use the Copper to change the sprite to playfield priority so that sprites show below the bitplane graphics during the status bar(s)
  • Use the Copper to change the sprite priority back to sprites in front of the playfield during the gameplay area
The above works best if you use the Copper to create a colour split between the status panel(s) and the game play area.

This method essentially allows you to forget all about clipping sprites. Do note however that it will only work if sprites are not so big as to need vertical clipping at the top (i.e. if the vertical start coordinate doesn't gets too small for the sprite to display).
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