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Some problem

Originally Posted by paulo_becas View Post
I've just noticed a big problem with the Samsung drives.
They aren't able to write a floppy.
I've tried with all the samsung drives i could find and they all have the same problem.
I can format disks without a problem but when i tried to copy some floppys they become unreadable.
Does anyone experienced the same problem???
I've tried to copy with X-copy and with Amiga Explorer through my PC and the result is the same.
The floppy's are ok, i've formatted them after trying to write them with this drives and made a copy with my PC catweasel MK4 and they work fine, so the problem is with this floppy drives.

If anyone experienced this problem and fix it please tell me how.
hello, I found your same problem, did you find a solution? can you help me please?
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