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Originally Posted by donnie View Post
The aux slot does not need any setup. It works out of the box. And it is alot less sensitive.

Combine with the boot setup screen the removable os-card. With aca500 you dont have to use winaue to set it up and you never need to open your amiga.

Its just an extremely practical set up. If you are a novice like me.
Yeah I tried out the ACA500 but sadly it never worked on my A500+.

I’m not sure if it was the unit or my machine, but it just continuously refused to boot, getting stuck or crashing, despite me trying many different power supplies, cleaning methods, troubleshooting etc.

It was a complete nightmare. I later got a HC533 from Sordan and that’s been a dream, yeah you have to set up a workbench installation on WinUAE, and open up the 500 Until you’ve settled on the software you want to be on the card, but I found that whole process really fun and nostalgic, a proper Amiga experience...and it’s worked flawlessly ever since.

I am going to maybe try out the TF530 on a second machine, reason being, I’m happy with my 3.1 A500+ as it is, stable, and the TF only has 2MB fast which is not ideal for music making.
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