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Stuck in the 80s

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Dreamweb - atmospheric, tiny in-game screen though
F-117A - even though it was technically better than F-19 I still prefer F-19
Superfrog - used to play this all the time, now it's just annoying
Dragon's Lair series - impressive graphics, still impossible gameplay
Lotus 1 - if only it was full screen with a single player like Lotus 2
Soccer Kid - annoying ball control and nowadays football is just about big money rather than the World Cup (shame).
Days of Thunder - thought it was slow when I played 1991, now it's like watching grass grow. Horrible.
Back to the Future II - what were they thinking.

The only games I still play/enjoy are: Cannon Fodder, Yo! Joe!, Arabian Nights, Wiz n' Liz, F-19, Lotus 2.
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