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Originally Posted by lost_lemming View Post
that dope-us looks like a dope program! (pun intended! lol)

yeah so found out how to iconify files... How do I actually know when it's done it? cause all mine does is quit.... well not completely quit, it hides in the background with a "chip" bar that refuses to expand. I just quit dopus and it's done it?

I actually read 'dope' as 'good'. Then when you said pun intended I thought what pun? ...and had to reread it and then I saw it... it was dope and not good.

Anyway, I'd use swazinfo for the easiest. Install Swazinfo from aminet, then any drawers that aren't snapshotting are easy to fix. Select the misbehaving drawer, then select Icon Information from the Workbench menu:

Icons > Information...

Then when the info window comes up just hit save and save again when it asks whether to save an icon too.
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