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Originally Posted by Bruce Abbott View Post
There's a bug, but it's in your code. In the 'write' callback you should save and restore D2 and D3.
Indeed! That's my fault. Thanks. So RawDoFmt() is fine.

Also copying the byte in D0 directly to the top of stack isn't a good idea because it splats over the current contents. In your code this is the (long) saved contents of D0
That was intended. I was pushing D0 onto the stack not to save it, but to make room for the character on the stack. Writing it with "move.b d0,-(sp)" is also a nice solution, though.

Still got the wrong hex result though... must investigate further!
Yes. It has definitely nothing to do with RawDoFmt. I spotted the problem in a different context and wrote this code for better reproduction.
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