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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
This your Amiga can already do: Interlace gives you VGA-resolution at 15kHz.
Interlace doesn't count. Also, it's only capable of 16 colours.

Originally Posted by Gorf
since you edited your post, a second reply:
I always edit my posts. You should probably wait 10 minutes before replying :P

Originally Posted by Gorf
you could do that in theory - but 15kHz is the result of the horizontal refresh rate (50/60 Hz) and the number of lines.
So 600 lines would give you 15.000/600= 25 frames per second

(PAL is officially 625 lines with 576 of them visible)
I realise this, but PC video cards manage to output to a TV at almost any resolution so it's possible.
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