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This thread is very sad indeed and I welled up when reading gimbal's story

I'll tell you a bit about my girls and it might make you smile.

Around 2 years ago we were at a friend's house party. Chatting with a person there and somehow animals came up. She said to me and the ex: "I have a friend who's moving rental properties while waiting for a house purchase to complete. He has 2 gorgeous cats and is looking for someone to mind them for say 6 months". Being animal lovers we said yes.

They then moved in and we looked after them, 6 months later the owner's house still hadn't gone through so we said he could move in with us. He then stayed for another 6 months.

Eventually his house was settled. A week before he was to move in, he sat us down for a conversation. He said: "You guys obviously love the cats and they love you. You have a nice spacious house with decent sized / protected garden that they can play in. I'm moving to a 3rd floor apartment. How would you feel if I said you can keep them?"

Obviously we said yes!!!

This was a year ago, they are probably about 7 years old now. The one thing I wish is that we had them as kittens

We asked the owner if he had any photos and he sent us this:

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