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Originally Posted by Turran View Post
Not correct. Check user AGN. Fully valid user.
If he tries to create an FTP account:
# python AGN
* Found more than one user: AGN

Why? There are other users that has the lettering agn in their name. All of them are valid

That is because memberlist.php uses "like" instead of "=". Its not an exact match were getting.
Yes, but my previous Bourne shell example adds the functionality you want by testing the result/exit code (-ne 0 / != 0) of Here's the example again.

if test $RTN -ne 0 ; then
    # user name not found or incomplete (more than one)
    echo "User not found"
    exit 1
# we have a valid user name
# do your stuff here
echo "Post count: $OUTPUT"
Both incorrect and incomplete (more than one hit) user names will be rejected.

EDIT: I see what you mean now, finally, sorry for the misunderstanding. I will fix it.

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