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Thanks for the mention on the Kick Off 2 episode. I'd never considered my username's gangster connotations before now! That cracked me up. It was a case of liking the way a word rolled off the tongue and then trying to make it unique so it could be registered without adding any random characters. Ironic really - I'm an accounts nerd, my pimp-mobile of choice is a mountain bike and I worship at the altar of a computer that kicked the bucket almost twenty years ago.

You brought up the limitations of the Amiga's sound capabilities in the Elvira play-through video, and in particular the tendency for many games to output music or sound effects, yet not both simultaneously.

I've never read a definitive explanation for this, but have a theory of my own. The Amiga's sound architecture was restricted to four channels of audio, and while any of these channels could be allocated to producing music, sound effects or a mixture of the two, they were generally dedicated to one or the other. I gather this was because distributing the channels between the two functions would result in a diluted experience in each case, and musicians weren't prepared to show the machine in a bad light.

Later on in the Amiga's life cycle Chris Huelsbeck et al somehow deciphered how to unlock the secret to using more than four channels of audio and it became more common to combine sound effects and music without compromising on quality, and subsequently the FX/music toggle switch became a distant memory.

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