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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Amiga Arena released the full version (free legal) Breed96 V1.3 (cracked) on 25.04.2002. I never noticed (at least I can`t remember) a crash on A1200 040 3.1. On the other hand I never built more then three/four "docking ports" which can handle 8 ships each. At least I can say you don`t need so many ships. More important is its quality (shield, weapon and speed). One good upgraded ship can beat all enemy ships.
My ships were upgraded a lot but as game progresses and you have more planets you need total many more ships to protect them or conquer other planets, especially as some races are far more stronger than others. So your list of ships grows as you gain more planets and meed to leave ships on them in case of attack. I can't remember the number but at a specifc amount it always just crashed to command.

I also have an ACA card and a 3.1 kickstart I have not got round to installing yet so may give them a try once as well although can't see it being those as issue as it did same it emulation as well as far as I can remember.

Just to add I have been usding the cracked ADF's from TOSEC collection but haven't used the WHDLoad version yet which Amiga Arena seem to have so will give that a go once I've got round to getting everything up and running.

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