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Shadow of the Beast 3 longplay (HD)

I decided to record Shadow of the Beast 3 since I have recordings of SotB1&2 on my channel already.

It's the game in the series I like the least, probably a big part due to the fact that I never played it back then and don't feel nostalgic about it.

Some things I don't like about this game is that unlike the previous games in the series, this one is far too easy. No hard enemies, pretty easy puzzles (and it's much more puzzle based than the other games), divided into levels (which makes it feel less like one 'big' world) and less memorable music.
And the intro doesn't fit the game at all!

However, it does have some good aspects as well. For one thing, it looks great. It combines the multilayered parallax scrolling from the first game with the 8 way directional scrolling of the second game.
Also, the controls are better than in the previous games.
And even though I don't like the musis overall as well as in the previous games, there are some kickass tunes. And they seem to change more often as well.
Oh and unlike the previous games, this one actually has an ending. It's not great but at least you get something.

There were already some recordings of this game up on Youtube but they are in pretty bad quality, so I felt that was a good reason to record this game and upload it in much better quality with the relatively new HD option on Youtube.

Anyway, enough rambling.. here are the links -

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