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Sorry. Still didn't read the whole thread, but some more of it.

Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
Yeah so the compiler uses warpcollect2 during linking then dumps out an .elf file which elf2exe2 converts to hunk format.
Yes. I remember something like elf2exe2 was used to convert the ELF V.4-ABI executable into an AmigaDOS-hunk format file, including a small 68k startup-code to launch the PPC main program(?).

8.Ram Disk:> elf2exe2 gameppc.dll gameppc.exe
Error: Wrong magic number in ELF-header !
Error: Error processing Elffile !

8.Ram Disk:> elf2exe2 libSDL_wos.a libSDL_wos.lib
Error: Wrong magic number in ELF-header !
Error: Error processing Elffile !
You cannot run elf2exe2 on a library, as it is an archive containing several ELF objects. So there is no ELF-executable header.

Neither can you run it on a DLL (ELF shared object), which also has a different ID in its ELF header.

But you also don't want to do that, as both make no sense at all.

PPCCallOS isn't in libppcamiga.a
PPCCallOS is PowerUp, not WarpOS! Something seriously went wrong here.

Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
That's something else I was going to try, since stormC 4 uses GCC as the compiler, though there's also the option to use StormC 3 compiler.
FYI, StormC 3 and StormC 4, although different compilers, have something in common: both generate valid PowerOpen-ABI code and real hunk-format executables. H&P managed to patch the GCC used in StormC 4 that way, which not many of the free GCC-ports did.

I don't know what the -warpup option does, which I saw in some posts. Hopefully it switches to PowerOpen-ABI? Then your only remaining problem would be linking and generating a hunk-format executable.

Your llisting of ppc-amigaos/lib seems to include everything needed. Also the startup codes. startup.o is probably the 68k startup? Theoretically it should be possible to link a WarpOS executable with vlink using your ELF objects (it can also convert leading underscores on the fly).

But when this is really a WarpOS compiler then you should be able to compile a simple WarpOS program, without too much warpcollects and elf2exes...
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