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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
though there's also the option to use StormC 3 compiler.
storm3 dont use gcc. I tried to build some c++ lightwave stuff with that,
but that did not work. was terrible, IIRC ... I dont want to remember

#1) some intuition examples - source code - you can find here:
Amiga C Tutorial - Programming AmigaOS in C - Opening a Window

Originally Posted by emufan View Post
ppc-amigaos-g++ -warpup sdltest2.cpp *.wo -o sdltest801.elf
*ohhh* it does work, it seems, cool
now the same with the other missing functions

it seems "/gg/lib/gcc-lib/ppc-amigaos/2.95.3/warpcollect" is doing the linking stuff,
which has problem with the libSDL_wos.a file format it seems.
since it does find the missing function in the .wo files *hmmm*

Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post

ppc-amigaos/lib has:
sdlppc.lib 248692 ----rwed 16-Sep-17 16:38:38
libSDL_wos.a 328396 ----rw-d Yesterday 19:07:47
end.o 874 ----rwed 18-Sep-16 20:26:41
libc.a 241952 ----rwed 18-Sep-16 20:26:41
libcwos.a 249608 ----rwed 18-Sep-16 20:26:41
libm.a 37510 ----rwed 18-Sep-16 20:26:41
libppcamiga.a 21378 ----rwed 18-Sep-16 20:26:41
startup.o 3336 ----rwed 18-Sep-16 20:26:41
startupwos.o 3140 ----rwed 18-Sep-16 20:26:41
libiberty.a 123492 ----rw-d 18-Sep-16 20:26:42
libstdc++.a.2.10.0 853292 ----rw-d 18-Sep-16 20:26:42
ldscripts Dir ----rwed 21-Sep-16 06:48:50
libdllppc.a 11084 ----rw-d 23-Sep-16 18:50:58
all *.a archive file format, if warpcollect has the same problem with them, as seen with libSDL_wos.a,
they have to get extracted and added with the *.wo "method"

I know this is ridiculous, there must be something else, to prevent using warpcollect.

Originally Posted by Cowcat View Post
elf2exe2/warpcollect is not needed if using latest gcc stuff.
what is the "latest gcc stuff", what are you referring to?

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