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The bad replaying of sound (mods eagle player, hippo etc) is the same thing I was speaking to you about in PMs Glwxxx.

Except of course I'm not using AmiKit, just ShowAmiga96 (I discovered SA96 by way of AmiKit and I'm using it in my own wb3.9 uae install)

What I've found is all the problems go away when you remove or comment out SA96 from the startup-sequence. Furthermore, I can also get rid of the problem by using one of your bootpics

The freq changes you reccomend do not work for me.

Now I know this isn't exactly an AmiKit problem I'm having, but I would suspect the problems are related.

I'd be curious to know if all you people having sound problems might try removing SA96 and see what happens?

SA96 seems to be the 'ultimate' bootpic prg, I hate to give up on it.

(BTW I know how crazy this sounds, I'm not a noob to programming or the amiga, but this problem is making feel like it )

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