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Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Yup, the 3-button pads are really easy to support: pin 7 high = buttons B & C on pins 6 and 9. Pin 7 low = buttons A and Start on pins 6 & 9. So yeah, it still needs software support. (The six buttons pads can also be read by pulsing pin 7 with the correct timing - they multiplex the direction lines as well as the fire button lines.)
Interesting, was just gonna ask about 6 button pads too.
This would be great to have. I just don't understand why this has not been requested more and realized years ago. Making adapters would be really stupid easy.
Anyway sorry for derailing! But I hope this could be added to CD32Load/WHDLoad too, as I said, CD32 pads are expensive, harder to find, and to be honest, not really good layout-wise.
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