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@Frode The current FPU issue is not really a big problem, the most part of Amiga programs runs happily without having it 100% functional: I simply found it and reported looking also to suggest, as non-developer, some possible solutions, nothing more. I don't know much about licensing and code transplant, I'm sorry if sometimes my thoughts sounds a bit silly :-)
I agree that your agenda is busy enough and this is the reason some other PPC developer should come to give an hand in debugging this issue without distracting you from the main goal.
My purpose in this forum is to keep alive the attention about the status of OSX PPC porting of this wonderful emulator, apart that I have no coding skill to understand what happens in the source, I can't be helpful here...
I want to remark that I and the other (few) Mac user here all we are very grateful to you to still support this little community that becomes smaller and smaller on every day goes by.

@tlosm Attached you will find a snapshot from the latest FS-UAE running on my G4, this is what happens when math coprocessor routines are activated on floating point tests. About the MMU status I don't know why it is reported as OFF, the emulated environment should be now the same of your: OS 3.9, picasso96 RTG, default A4000/040 in FS-UAE configuration file...
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