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Okay, but this is precisely the rabbit hole I was talking about earlier

ArmA, and other extremely competitive demanding games with extremely competitive communities of course do agonize over fps differences. I used to do the same back in the Quake 2 days. If 1-3 fps really make a difference is questionable, but fair enough, this is an extreme hobby.

Same with other high end gaming. Sure, you can gain 10-30 fps by investing 100s of dollars, OC'ing and tweaking your rig. But again, if this matters depends on a person. And it also depends on what is your target - 4K or 1080p gaming, what settings you are okay with, mods, etc...

About emulation, I'm not really sure high end rigs can make my VICE, Dosbox or WinUAE run better than they already do. The only thing I suppose can be improved is lag, but how it scales in relation to particluar components is anybody's guess. I'd have to see some concrete numbers from serious tests to establish that.

Tl,dr: it's very easy to spend a lot of money for a very little gain.
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