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DevPac Enviroment

I am currently messing with code in Devpac 3. From what I can tell from the manual, the include and fd directory are for OS 2, which is fine, but I have the developers CD's 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. Am I correct in copying the the includes_i and fd directory found in CD0:NDK/NDK_3.5/Include/Include_i/ to DH1: Devpac/Include and the same for CD0:NDK/NDK_3.5/Include/FD to DH1: Devpac/FD ? Do I replace them directly with NDK_3.5 or do i start with 1.3 and copy them incramentally through to 3.5? If I am going to targate os 3.1, do I use only upto 3.1, or still go up to 3.5? Most people use 3.0 to 3.1 I use OS3.9 on one machine, and 3.1 on another, and 3.1.4 on another. what is the compatibility issues? should I use the LOWEST im going to targate or the highest?
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