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Have now also tried every single Quickstart / configuration that I can think of in WinUAE and the issue remains

...even tried finishing all the "Disk 2" planets first, then the "Disk 1" planet followed lastly by the "Disk 3" planets; which means the end sequence is loaded from Disk 3. Same outcome...

Either it's a bug in the original or maybe an issue with WinUAE; I don't know...

Can someone with a real Amiga test please?

Use these .ADFs as it doesn't make a difference what ones:

... Pinkie (1994)(Millennium)(Disk 1 of 3)[h PDY][t +16 Backlash].adf
... Pinkie (1994)(Millennium)(Disk 2 of 3).adf
... Pinkie (1994)(Millennium)(Disk 3 of 3).adf

If you play the game sequentially according to the planet images then these are the codes:

1st Planet Complete   ZZZZZZZP
2nd Planet Complete   PLSSCKMC
3rd Planet Complete   TDNYTHNG
4th Planet Complete   RGGGGGGR

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