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AmigaLive 0.97 (old)

AmigaLive 0.97 is now available for download

Mac OSX:


Discord game lobby:

#Added features
Added: Ability to select and share saved states.
Added: Discord Button-Link.

#Removed features
Removed: Old Joystick lookup method

Enhancement: Various code improvements for stability and compatibility.
Enhancement: Joysticks search is now compatible with all platforms.

Fixed: Linux Saved States cleanup for compatibility and less desyncs.
Fixed: NilObjectException when closing AmigaLive before initialize was complete.
Fixed: Linux various visuals.
Fixed: Linux bug which saved custom settings twice
Fixed: Host may be terminated due to asynchronous launch (keeping synchronous).
Fixed: Mac/Linux Starting as Host now checks port TIME_WAIT state.

#Various changes
Change: Windows XP Pro and above now use WMIC process for stopping host server.
Replaced: Images for nil screenshots (blur-image with 1084s monitor+kickstart-image).
Reduced: Synchronous Games on each server from 10 to 6, for faster game search results.

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