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Swansong from me on this concept, for anyone still interested. This final quick test satisfies my original curiosity over whether those gritty ST-01 samples could be cleaned up enough to cut the commercial mustard in 2017. Short answer: yes I think they can, though I'm not the man to do it. I had a fun few hours making the track linked below (all ST-01 expect for the acapella obviously) but from me, that's all folks! :-)

I predict (you heard it here first) that one day... a global smash hit will emerge featuring a female R&B starlet and brain-dead rap robot set to the strains of Shamus, Pizza, JahrMarkt and DigDug. There will be no escape from this esoteric homage to Soundtracker. FM music radio stations the world over will air this irritating (but wildly successful) song ten times a day, for three months. Its producer will become very rich. I look forward to hearing it :-)
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