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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Still not bad. What's impressive is that the stuff actually sounds like commercial music of that era. Lay some moody vocals over the top and it could have been released in ~1983-85. I guess the sample pack wasn't too far off.
That's what fascinates me. Lots of research has been done to identify the source of many ST-01 instruments ( and Karsten Obarski should be acknowledged not only as the father of the 'Tracker, but also the genius who expertly curated those sounds. But I'm only interested in the Amiga sounds, for full authenticity!

My goal is to give a new lease of life to those knackered old samples, proving that with the right treatment they're prefectly credible and usable in 2017.

I guess I should explain my demo above is based on this cheesy 80s hit:

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