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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
KS2.05 is the ROM most commonly found in an A600.

Now I have no idea why it doesn't work, but it is almost certain that an A2091 has never been connected to an A600 in real life.

How about trying KS2.04 or KS3.1?

To give a more complete description, the A590 ROM is found by the WinUAE ROM scan, and from within WB showconfig would list the A590 scsi controller, but the hdf I made (RDB mode) was not showing up.

I didn't have a 3.1 ROM (which was actually my goal) and had to find one that wasn't corrupt. Once I did, the situation didn't change.

Running the latest beta of 2.0 works like a charm. There are notes in the first beta (I think) and a report of this behaviour I read in another thread, both with notes that some debug code was ignoring v7.0 ROMs, which is fixed in the new 2.0 betas.

So I'm up and running, emulating the hardware I have sitting in a box, because I have neither the space to set it up, nor the gastro-intestinal fortitude to leave it setup where my 3 yr old can pour his juice into the keyboard and floppy drives

Once I have proof of concept on the emu, I can go ahead and spend the time on the real thing.

Thanks for your suggestion though.

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