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I've setup the ftp because of amiga explorer, being so slow and basically no error control. Moving just a single meg would take a few minutes, whereas when ATC works, i was moving 30mb in the same amount of time.
That's why i dropped the speed, i found there was plenty of headroom to cap the speed and still have something blazing fast. I'll try FTPmount.

Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
ATC was nice once you got it working reliably - problem is that many people never did.

I can't recall which FTP clients could do directories, I always used FTPMount - this one does. DOpus' internal FTP was also quite good.

Have you thought about using Amiga Explorer (mount Amiga drives/partitions under Windows)? It's Freeware now, I think.

Another option would be NetFS (Aminet), a network filesystem for Amigas. Would require the use of WinUAE on the PC though.
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