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Great story man.
I am on a related field (motion graphics design) and I did take my first steps in both music production and design with the Amiga. I was also a dabbler on Real3D with my A600 and suffered in pain while rendering those scenes crappily. My best thing to do with it was an X-Wing fighter which looked absolutely crap since I couldn't afford doing complex textures or anything like that!

Those learnings with Real3D (a pirated copy so no manual - harsh!) led me to introduce myself to 3D Studio Max years later, and this is too why I don't like Imagine or Maya I don't like the newer versions but the ones I started with reminded me a lot of Real3D. Why you hate it so much? Curious.

Basically, I owe my career to the Amiga in quite a big extent. I always say this. I guess it's another reason why I try to keep using it in my work today.
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