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Real 3D - From coverdisk to a 3D career!

From a young lad I was always blown away by Pixar's creations.

I had visions of going to Bournemouth Uni (the only uni at the time doing 3D graphics courses) and getting on the Pixar bandwagon.

One day I cycled down to the local Newsagents, with my £5 per month pocket money ready to eye up the Amiga stands.... and i find a full retail version of Real3D on the cover!!! I think is was CU Amiga, or maybe Amiga Format. I forget. Though I remember how dazed, shocked, excited etc etc i was and immediately purchased it, raced home on my bmx and booted my Amiga 600.

Somehow the guys at this magazine company managed to crunch 4 disks into one. i recall having to dig out save game disks, and coverdisks i didn't care for and format them to expand Real 3D into. I didn't care though, i just wanted it to work! woooohoooooo!

while waiting for the disks to decrunch and copy, I skimmed the mini manual that came with the disks and mag and familiarised myself with the program.

first thing i did was load the candlescene, enter wireframe mode to position the camera, and go straight to render! 5 gruelling hours later a greyscale, badly lit image appeared! SO EXCITING! . by now it was past my bedtime so i restarted the render on full colour, proper lighting but no antialiasing... woke up in the morning, had my breakfast and rushed back to see what my lil 600 miggy had produced in around 12 hours. it barely got past the candle flame. cue heartbreak!!! my poor lil miggy was so slow, if i made anything remotely complex i'd have to wait weeks, and weeks for the image to render. absolutely gutted!

but it didn't stop me seeing what i'd made in greyscale with basic lighting was good enough for me to make a chess set as per the tutorial in the book, and doss around with booleans (which often crashed it lol). I loved every minute. oh and hated everytime the power cut midway through a render! lol

later in life and moving onto a pentium 133 with windows 95 and 16mb ram, I failed my double GCSE course in IT that teaches you how to use word, excel, powerpoint, publisher and databases with absolutely no coding or advanced graphics, or even hardware education??!?!? seriously?!?! needless to say i got bored and flunked it from lack of interest. my luck also struck out on my Art GCSE 3d animation as the examiner had never seen a computer animation and how it's done before, so couldn't mark me up for fear of setting precedence!!!!! so bang went the two key things i needed for A level and then Bournemouth!

decided to try my luck at 16 with only a handful of mediocre qualifications and fluked an apprentice position for an engineering firm where my 2d cad career kicked off. then moved to technical drawings and coordination, then onto visualisation and walk throughs etc for various housebuilders. so i sort of made it!, but it's not pixar and its certainly not creative enough to keep me.

anyway.... the moment of pure reminiscence... i found the very coverdisk and manual that pretty much laid the stepping stones for my future recently. the overwhelming sense of nostalgia was strong... and of course that disk went straight into DF0: and yes, i found myself scrounging and recycling disks all over again

but this time.... THIS TIME ... hehe, the candlescene only takes 10 mins to render on highest settings with my 1260. the warm fuzzy feeling inside is back

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