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Amiga CD, CD32 & CDTV Feasible in Gamebase Amiga ?

Is this something that could be implemented or added ? I'm especially interest in Amiga CD games as there is a case of argument for CD32 & CDTV to perhaps have their own Gamebases in the future.

I'm mainly curious if this is a feature that could be added or if I could update my database with CD-ROM games, what 'key=values' would be required ? I understand that the CD would have to be mounted in the CD-Drive or Virtual drive manually so would it be a case of auto booting to workbench then manually loading the game ?

I'm no Amiga expert as I previously only owned a CD32 so the deeper workings of the Amiga are something of a mystery, although I have managed to run (some) Amiga CD-ROM games via Amiga Forever but I would like them implemented into a Frontend.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated or just tell me if this is impossible :-)
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