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Sorry to bump this thread, but this story very remind me of my story.

First steps - Real 3D , but I had a bit more luck then you guys (Akira and diablothe2nd), I did it with A1200, not A600 (though, in 1997, perhaps much later then you).
I remember (my first animation), I have created some weird blobby mesh, animated it from point A to B to C (and of course, some (cheap looking) rotation on local axis ), then I went to some of my first drinking party. After I got home (drunk), looked at it, and thought "Wow... so this is how is done"?
The world is mine!
Then I've tried with letters... created few more renders... when I created animation of letters came into a screen (this time, in a little bit more cool way), that got me a job at a first local TV station.
In an unfortunate switch from PC to Amiga, a switched from Real 3D to 3DS Max, and it didn't hurted much. Although, 3DS Max is getting worse every year (different subject).

So, right now, I am doing an vfx with Max, After... etc... but all started with Amiga 1200, Real 3D, and one of my first drinking days.
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