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Originally Posted by elspero View Post
Thank you guys
I spent £70, plus £35 for shipping for the A1200. It includes a 250MB hdd (but I have a spare 40gb sitting on my desk).
Now I can either spend another €120/£102 to get an apollo 1230/40/fpu with 4MB, or €85/£72 to get a 6MB sram pcmcia.... I can't find anything cheaper!

I guess I'll have to use floppies for a long time...
Ive never seen a 6mb SRAM card - do you mean 6mb in total, only 4mb is supported I Think via SRam

WHDload is great and supports I wide range of games also convenient -Realy the best product on the Amiga.

- Quite a few games will run from HD on your 2mb spec you dont have to use WHDload
For instance have a look at this thread you can run a large selection of CD32 games on your 2mb A1200.

Can you think of some games you might want to run from HD?

Best to have a play then your probably be wanting to upgrade

Of course theres now the Floppy emulator aswell
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