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I try to build the AMMX version --> Makefile.bax using gcc6:
video/amigaos/SDL_cgxvideo.c:34:23: error: expected identifier or
‘(’ before numeric constant
 #define Apollo_AMMXon 0
./video/apollo/apolloammxenable.h:24:22: note: in expansion of macro ‘Apollo_AMMXon’
 extern unsigned char Apollo_AMMXon;

34: #define Apollo_AMMXon 0
36: #include "SDL_config.h"
#1) i did comment out this one:
34: #define Apollo_AMMXon 0
34: // #define Apollo_AMMXon 0
does build, but while linking with gcc3 I get:
SDL_surface.go: undefined reference to `___memset64'
SDL_surface.go: undefined reference to `___memset64'
SDL_surface.go: undefined reference to `___memset64'
SDL_video.go: undefined reference to `___memset64'
SDL_pixels.go: undefined reference to `___memset64'
SDL_pixels.go: more undefined references to `___memset64' follow
where is this memset64 function?

#4) hmm, well, maybe another "-OX" issue with gcc6?
I've removed "-O3" gcc option from makefile.bax and it does build libSDl which
links just fine with the gcc3 made objects

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