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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I wonder how much work it would be to get it to recognize the Amiga floppy controller?
I have a few notions about the Amiga floppy interface, so I have a rough idea about that.

First, reading Amiga floppies will be useless because the filesystem will not be recognized by EmuTOS. And EmuTOS is not designed to support alternate file systems.

To read Atari/PC floppies, it would require reading a whole raw track, split it into sectors, decode the MFM... Nothing impossible, but it requires some amount of work. And write support will probably be a bit more complicated. I know this was supported by PcMountAll long ago, and probably by many other modern AmigaOS tools.
On the EmuTOS side, the interface is minimal and easily implementable. You just have to write a routine which takes a drive number, track and sector, and you're done.
I'm not going to dig into that myself, but if someone wants to write such routine (or already have it), your support will be welcome.
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