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Originally Posted by marco pedrana
in all honesty, no offense intended, it is something i would not use: there are extensive summaries of what's in the lsd disks so if i want the original content, i check the original disk and use that, while if i just need the rough info, i use the ASCII conversion (already done by Fisken Uno some time ago, the thread is somewhere here to be found).
a nice area instead that's still empty is the one of freeware stuff. i'm not suggesting you to do that, i'm just saying, in the same spirit of availability of info, who knows what there is inside the hudreds of fish disks, compilations, etc? tons of memory lost little games ...
the LSD docs disk1 example is the same as original disk1 from LSD. just decrunched and files renamed and a little guide as frontend. with disk 20 and more, just file decrunched with same name and a guide frontend. Sure It's better to use the original disk if you want, no problem....

My new mystery is ASCII conversion.... Maybe my example is tested on PC with emulator and need ASCII file format and guide not working ???? I'm not understand
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