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LSD-SPRINT-LOON-SCIENCE451-MA-GAME DISK (postman man) Docs disks in guide format


As an amiga user, I also would like to help the community by making something usefull for all (like killergorilla make with this great whdload packs, whdload team with their great installs, cfou! for his great eye of the beholder in AGA,...and all the guys who help this projects and other projects not resumed just before - sorry for that).

There are lots of amiga docs disks for amiga games in disks format and hard to use with our amigas with HD and graphic cards.

I have choosen to spent some of my free time to convert some disks to be used now directly on HD and with GFX cards.

I have converted ALL the 65 LSD docs disks and the 18 sprint docs disks. I have renamed around the first 20 LSD disks to readable name because name was 1 to xx (hard work) and made all in drawer and use a proggy called d2g to automatically made frontend in guide format. that mean, when using the guide frontend, all the file (txt/iff) clicked are showed by multiview.

Of course, the goal is to have docs from old amiga games easily accessed for our amigas and give the possibility to use all the datas for differents project like completed amiga game site database for example. Of course, all will be allowed to use the datas for all their project after.

I have made one example on the zone! and need your comments about:

- If you know a better tool than d2g for making dir2guide in some seconds.
- If you have some suggestions about others great docs disks (acu, science 451,...) who It's really really needed to be converted like LSD or SPRINT.
- General suggestions about the work done.
- Work on winuae, AOS4, others platform,...

I think I will release the package slowly untill xmas, on aminet, but I have a problem because some of the datas are amiga books or utility manual like dpaint or real3D and I don't know if this fact could cause problems with aminet.

Hope some of you will be happy in the futur by having a collection of amiga games docs, hints, cheat or manual that can be more easily showable than before.

I'm waiting your usefull comments before finishing the work completely.

yes I know, my english isn't the best, sorry.

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