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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I find every game Bitmap Brothers did before Speeball 2 were garbage. Looked good, played like shit. Gods included.
To each their own, I actually liked Speedball I as well and found Gods a decent, if not spectacular game.

In the other hand... yeah, its unfair from me to put everyone on the same bag. I believe Factor 5 did know and care how to do good games, as obviously Sensible Software too (Even though I am really hugely dissapointed with Jon Hare and the Sociable Soccer debacle).
I'd say DMA design was also pretty good, as were quite a few others really. But I'm not in the mood for lists, I already spent too long on the forum today.

But I loved that someone mentioned Metroid. I don't think there's anything like it on Amiga. I only got to play Metroid games recently (I never had any nintendo systems back at the day), and they are incredibly good for their time. Super Metroid was really lots of fun to play (even if I had some issues with its control scheme)... it's something the Amiga could handle very easily...
Well, there is Power Glove Reloaded. But that might not completely qualify as it's a bit short on items to collect. Nice game though, looks great too.

It is indeed curious no one else has tried for a 'Metroidvania' yet on the Amiga (past or present). Should fit the hardware quite well, actually - you could even do nifty things like having levels that don't use standard 16x16 tiles as the individual rooms/areas in Metroid tend to be quite small so it can probably all fit without the need for wrapping displays. The C64 did get a few over the last few years, but as yet, nothing on the Amiga.
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