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The notion that European games that were good were only an 'accident' is really rather insulting to the people involved, don't you think?
I find every game Bitmap Brothers did before Speeball 2 were garbage. Looked good, played like shit. Gods included.

Then comes Speedball 2. GREAT, fun game to play with lots of nuances on gameplay. Then comes The Chaos Engine, another very well designed game which is great to play.

Then comes The Chaos Engine 2: Huge piece of crap. And later they try to remake Speedball 2 at least twice. Both times it's, again, awful.

When I say "Got the game right by dumb luck" I am always thinking about Bitmap Brothers. But when I look at the dev team at Team 17, it's hard to not think the same thing.

In the other hand... yeah, its unfair from me to put everyone on the same bag. I believe Factor 5 did know and care how to do good games, as obviously Sensible Software too (Even though I am really hugely dissapointed with Jon Hare and the Sociable Soccer debacle).

But I loved that someone mentioned Metroid. I don't think there's anything like it on Amiga. I only got to play Metroid games recently (I never had any nintendo systems back at the day), and they are incredibly good for their time. Super Metroid was really lots of fun to play (even if I had some issues with its control scheme)... it's something the Amiga could handle very easily...

I find it curious because there are actually lots of european games that are, like, open and about exploration and finding out things, yet I can't name one that's as well designed and polished as Super Metroid.
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