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Originally Posted by roondar View Post
You're missing my point - it's not about comparing games genre by genre. It's about games as a whole. I've had far more hours of entertainment and immersion from some Amiga games than I did from all NES games I ever played (including the ones I've played in recent years).
All the classic NES games are Japanese and a very different style to the mostly western games on the Amiga. You can't really compare them directly, it's like trying to decide if heavy metal or jazz is better. Both have their unique charms.

Gamesack did a review of the CD32 once. They didn't like most of the games, and in some cases the criticism was fair because the CD32 wasn't all that competitive. Often it was just that the games were not console style and what they were used to though.

Both are an acquired taste it seems.
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