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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Ever since this was announced it made me want a PS4 real bad to play it.
Now I have one and No Man's Sky can be bought for next to nothing, so I did.

Really looking forward to spend this weekend with it. I think in general people gave it a huge hard time because of overhyping, misconceptions about how the game was, and lots of bugs at release date. But we'll see!
Pfff, I'd rather play Doki Doki Literature Club again, it's more fun. And that's a visual novel about cute manga girls baking cupcakes, writing poems and reading books where you have about 8 choices to make and the rest of it you're just clicking through dialogue and trying to figure out which girl is going to be the ultimate Waifu.

No it's really not (be warned), but so No Man's Sky did not have what was clearly promised was going to be in there and thus I fully understand the backlash it got whereas in most other cases it really was just overhyping that did the deed. I guess I'm sort of making a point here, but I'm more prudently admitting I played and loved Doki Doki Literature Club; send help urgently.
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