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GALs are arrays of configurable logic gates, a type of programmable logic device (PLD). It's a chip that can be programmed to perform different low-level functions, and are often used on accelerators and other devices as glue logic - circuitry for connecting different systems together. It's possible for chips like that to lose their programming over time, although difficult to diagnose without replacing or reprogramming them. There are people who possess the skills and equipment to do such repairs - Chucky and Stachu are two that come to mind.

You're right, it's probably a good idea to minimise the number of times these cards are disconnected and reconnected, those connectors aren't made to take too much abuse.

As for the wobbling card, it's not a guarantee that it should be rock solid, the connectors aren't particularly positive and aren't meant for "floating" mounting like they are in a tower - the A1200 desktop case and trapdoor cover provide additional support to accelerator cards. My Blizzard 1260 wobbles back and forth quite a bit in my tower when unsupported for example.
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