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Mouse movement too fast and "choppy"


I´m using WinUAE 2.0.1 (2009.12.23) and the mouse moves way too fast with Workbench.

Tried all kinds of settings but none worked:
- Setting "Mouse speed" in WinUAE "Input" had no effect at all
- Tried speed ranges from 1 to 255 - no difference whatsoever, tried both "Analog" and "Digital"
- Changed compatibility modes, screen resolution, CPU type, etc.
- Set Mouse Speed in Workbench 3.1 to slowest ("pre-installed" WB 3.1 that comes with Amiga Forever, "Input" settings)

I´m kind of lost here, the mouse movement is really "choppy", skips 3-8 pixels at a time.

About my setup (which is not the most common I guess):
- Mac OS X with VirtualBox
- Windows XP running in VirtualBox
- WinUAE running in WindowsXP

Any idea where I can tweak to make the mouse move really smooooth? :-)


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