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This is an obvious provocation so at first I didn't want to reply, but just in case you're being serious... what you are saying can be applied to dozens of things and it sounds equally ridiculous.

"£80 for a concert? I can listen to music at home!"

"£50 for a meal at a restaurant? I can cook it myself!"

"£10 for a movie? I can download one for free!"

"£400 for clothes? I prefer staying in my room all the time anyway so who needs them!"

There is absolutely no comparison between playing Kick Off 2 on WinUAE (not even a real Amiga for crying out loud...) and actually attending an international competition, having people cheer for you and congratulate or comfort you after a result, feeling the thrill of victory and the adrenaline of a close fight, making new friends along the way, getting drunk in the evenings... no comparison at all. And in any case just because it's not your idea of fun I see no reason for you to belittle it.
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