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Originally Posted by PulsatingQuasar View Post
I doubt that sticking a fan on it to lower the temperature a lot will loose my warranty. The life of the card will be longer now.

Sticking a much better fan assembly on a video card won't loose your warranty. I have replaced the cooling paste on my G73JH notebook video card after it became clear that many of them had cooling issues. A manager from Asus America division made clear that replacing the cooling paste to prevent overheating was no warranty breaker.

I highly doubt I would need warranty anyway. Just the remark that I would loose my warranty this way was really ........
No point in replying to this.
Only thing I will say, there is no issues / problems.
I was talking about people gluing another heatsink to it to attach a fan.

Last post from me in this thread, as this thread has gone off on a tangent.

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