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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
@prowler - hi prowler - you might want to update this thread when you start to upload your disks maybe...?
Yes, that will prevent the EAB Server thread from getting too cluttered. I'm still having problems with my internet connection. I've already been disconnected once since I got online this evening. My ISP says that the local network "upgrade" was completed on 16th July, but my problems started on 22nd July. They guess it's because the new hardware they installed might be having "teething problems".

This won't prevent me from uploading those files, but it means I won't be able to leave it running while I'm elsewhere.

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
I should get a chance to sort through my "other" CD's in the next day or so - I will put up another similar list and upload what ever isn't on the server soon...
Good idea! I'll do the same when I get to the other CDs in my list.
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