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Unhappy Really odd problem with A1000...

Hi guys,

Got my new (to me) A1000 yesterday.

It boots up fine and worked first time no problems

Problem is that if I attach my Power Computing external disk drive - on the back it has 3 settings you can choose A O B. Now as far as I know A = anti-virus, O = features off & B = boot block thingy I think

Now connected to my A2000 the drive functions perfectly and can read anything thrown at it - even my A500's are fine using it.

When I attach it to the A1000 though it affects the operation of the internal DF0: drive and it fails to read any disks! Set the external drive to setting 'B' and DF0: works fine BUT when loading a disk into the power computing drive it says DF1:BAD. It does this with any disk - if I try to format the BAD disk it says it has an error reading the disk????

This sound like a CIA problem? I was thinking of changing them round tonight and seeing if it's one of those... everything else on the A1000 works fine - no coloured screens when it boots up - the power LED flashes a few times on power on and then resorts to staying lit during normal operation...

Any idea?

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