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Thanks! Update: The A2091 seems to detect the SCSI CD-ROM OK (terminated at the 2091 end and at the drive. However, the system won't boot with the CD ROM drive connected - it's almost like the autoboot ROM is trying to boot from the CD =/ rather than the IDE CF interface. If I remove the CD from the cable it boots to IDE OK again.

I was going to try rev 7 ROMs but I cannot find them anywhere. They seem to be in the "Zone" however, I have no idea how to access the Zone.

Is it normal behaviour do you think for the A2019 to not allow the system to boot without a HDD connected to the chain?

EDIT: I found rev 7 here:-

I will give that a try and see if it makes any difference!

EDIT2: Also ordered a version of the newer DIP controller IC too (ends -08).

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