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Hi jotd,
did you noticed that fire and brimestone has a music but freeze the game when it plays it.
Launch the game and press f8, the game freeze and the music begins but what is interesting is when you press f8 again the music is fading slowly out and during this time , you can play the game, having the sfx + music fading out (the full music). this is strange, if you have the time to look at it ??
There is perhaps a way to activate the music and playing in the same time.
The music seems to be in memory,the game freeze when press f8, but not totally, the weapon on the bottom left still display is animation.
It's a little bit like a pause music. Strange to have a pause music when the game doesn't have music !!!
Activating this music during the game (it's already in memory), the sfx and music doesn't use the same voices, perhaps it could be easier than doing a full cdda version ??? Just asking about your thought ??
ps: i looked about the manual of the game but didn't find it.
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