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What's on these disks then?

Greetings from a not-so-clever bugger,

I dug out my A1200 recently to find the 60MB hard drive had died so I bought a 40GB for a fiver and installed Workbench on a single 250MB partition.

I have around 300 floppies containing games, programs etc. The collection also includes disks of artwork from the kids using Dpaint back in the 90's. But ... I've cleverly outsmarted myself These art disks contain more than the standard Amiga disk capacity, they're not recognised as DF? or DS? and I can't for the life of me remember what utility I used to pack extra space on these floppies! So, a work in progress.

On the upside, what a fantastic piece of kit. It has a Blizzard 1220/4MB fast RAM and powers up to gui in a couple of seconds.

My plan is to set up all the apps and data on my Arch Linux laptop with FS-UAE. I'm downloading Amiga stuff to Linux with the Amiga HD attached via USB adaptor.

There's probably an easier way, but Linux can't find any partitions to mount (parted "u" "b" "p" sees them) and FS_UAE won't mount the HD. I'm using "dd" to copy 270MB between the HD and a .hdf file that FS-UAE can use.

My Amiga history: We got a Cartoon Classics A500+ in 1990, added extra RAM and a 40MB A590. A few years later I sold it for the same price as a secondhand v3.0 A1200 with 60MB drive I'd found. Used to enjoy Fidonet BBS.

For a couple of years I wangled free dialup Internet access in return for handling Amiga support for an ISP called Telecall based in Bristol. I don't think I had more than two phone calls .

I left the Amiga scene in '97 when I built my first PC with a Diamond Monster 3D graphics card. Why? CARMAGEDDON came out. Sorry, gaming calling!
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